Banqueting Hall in Bologna:

Palazzo Albergati, a timeless jewel of baroque architecture

The expression of a delicate alchemy between heritage and contemporary potential, the construction of Palazzo Albergati in Zola Predosa was commissioned by Girolamo Albergati, not only to fulfil his dream of owning a magnificent country residence, but as an ode to summer luxury, conceived as a retreat to enfold rainy days in an aristocratic embrace.

Imagine a treasure where art, timeless architecture and Baroque elegance unite to create a cradle of culture and elegance: it is in this context that Palazzo Albergati was built. Located just a few minutes’ drive from the town centre, this residence is a journey through centuries of magnificence and prestige.

With its enchanting 17th-century Emilian architecture, Palazzo Albergati is an icon of historical splendour. Its imposing façade, interwoven with the Baroque decorations of its interior, dances in harmony with the austerity of its grounds, as if every detail were merely a fragment of a blissful dream forgotten in the wind of centuries. A banqueting hall in Bologna, a party venue which seems to challenge the passage of time with its splendour, offering guests an enchanting glimpse into centuries past.

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Cradle of culture and elegance

Palazzo Albergati is the majestic response of Bolognese culture to Roman Baroque, a monument untouched by centuries in which the atmosphere seems to stand still in time, combining everyday and residential life with entrepreneurial impetus, telling stories of an era in which kings, queens, princes, musicians, men of letters and scientists passed through its doors.

Palazzo Albergati, with its 12,000 square metres on four levels and a centuries-old park covering an area of 80,000 square metres, is not only a superb banqueting hall in Bologna, but also a location for hosting corporate meetings, weddings, conventions, trade fairs and numerous other important events.

Palazzo Albergati, con i suoi 12.000 metri quadrati su quattro livelli e un parco secolare di 80.000 metri quadrati, non solo rappresenta una preziosa sala per ricevimenti a Bologna, ma anche location capace di ospitare meeting aziendali, matrimoni, convegni, fiere e molti altri eventi di spicco.

A regal retreat, a window onto days gone by

The beating heart of Palazzo Albergati is the Hall of Honour, a prestigious space with a vertical extension of 37 metres, from the piano nobile to the tower. This hall, the jewel of the residence, is a stately space in which to create indelible memories. The Palazzo is a regal retreat, well known as a banqueting hall in Bologna, in which the first floor houses sublime rooms adorned with frescoes depicting mythological and allegorical scenes. The cellars, with their distinctive style, offer an opportunity to draw on the historical memories of an everyday past, while the ground floor features various delightful rooms, decorated with frescos, paintings and exquisite design, inviting visitors to experience the grandeur of the place.


The Palace can be rented entirely or by floors (cellars, ground floor, first and second floor). All internal spaces are connected by lifts and freight elevators.

Palazzo Albergati, through its internal organization, is able to design and host the entire event (private, institutional, corporate, cultural) guaranteeing a quality experience in all its aspects: from the rental of the prestigious premises of the building to the catering/banqueting service structured for all needs (welcome coffee, coffee breaks, aperitifs, lunch and dinner buffet or placée).

To these services are added coordination services, technical and artistic services, set-ups, hostess management, etc. in collaboration with a selected team of specialized and certified professionals who can guarantee a bespoke and very high-end event result.
Our highly professional and dedicated team is always at your disposal to provide you with personalized assistance and ensure that every detail is taken care of at its best

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