Ground Floor

The Ground Floor of Palazzo Albergati is a charming setting that captures the soul and essence of this historic residence. This versatile space is perfect for celebrating both private and corporate gatherings in an atmosphere of timeless elegance and has also been designed with a view to hosting civil weddings.

The Ground Floor of the Palazzo is a symphony of unique details distinguished by its special atmosphere, with low ceilings that convey a cosy, welcoming aura, where richly detailed frescoes bear witness to a glorious past and adorn the walls with mythological and allegorical scenes, transforming every corner into a living painting. Here, art merges with architecture in a unique combination, thanks to the frescoes that extend across and decorate every space and every room, creating an enveloping and evocative ambience that was originally intended to enrapture and soothe those who took shelter in the Palazzo on rainy summer days.

The Ground Floor still retains that atmosphere of a refined and cosy haven. This makes it not only a place for events, but a piece of history lived and preserved over time. Its function has since evolved, turning it into a versatile venue that hosts aperitifs, welcome cocktails, brunches and many other events of various kinds.

A realm of prestige and refinement where the fully frescoed rooms tell stories of centuries past. Every step you take in these spaces exudes the pervasive atmosphere of art that embraces the walls and catches the eye.

The Rooms

  • The Spa Room, a jewel of elegance and refinement that leads to the following rooms, ideal for hosting events that are intended to be itinerant
  • The Architecture Room (57 m2), a versatile, classy, elegant space with comfortable seating and functional areas perfect for welcoming guests or holding small meetings
  • The Hunting Room (85 m2), with its regal atmosphere, it is the perfect place for banquets and celebrations, and for hosting majestic buffets
  • The Scullery (51 m2), a cosy and functional space, ideal for culinary events and tastings, distinguished by the prestigious and authentic rustic character of the kitchens of the time.
  • The Napoleon Room (46 m2), a historic room that exudes charm and prestige and evokes memories of Napoleon’s probable stay at Palazzo Albergati.
  • The Villa Room (114 m2), with a capacity of 80 guests, is perfect for corporate meetings and presentations, as well as welcome cocktails, unique ceremonies and intimate seated lunches or dinners
  • The Entrance Hall – Coach Lobby (230 m2), a majestic space with central columns, suitable for large meetings, ceremonies, DJ sets and dancing, as well as being the ideal service space in support of the other rooms.
  • The Atrium (121 m2), entrance to the Palazzo, used mainly for welcoming guests
  • The Grand Staircase, a majestic entrance with a stunning impact.
  • The Service Stairs and Stairs for Horses, unique elements that bear witness to the history and versatility of the Palazzo.
RoomName of the RoomSquare Meters
1Thermal bath Hall
2Architectures Hall57
2bisPath between rooms4
3Hunting Hall85
4Old Kitchen51
5Napoleon's Hall46
6Villa's Hall114
7Carriage Loggia (2central columns)230
S1Honor staircase
S2Service stairs
MFreight elevator

Ground Floor | Scale 1:200

Orchestra seating capacity for meeting:

190 people

70 people


80 people

Characteristics and general use of the Palazzo

Basic technical equipment:

  • Indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Heating
  • Fully-equipped kitchen
  • Refrigerators
  • Basic lighting and advanced resident lighting equipment for rent
  • Wi-fi
  • Electricity supply: 150kw (with additional availability of a generator)
  • Cloakroom
  • Area for roll-ups and banners of the customer’s sponsor brands, photo booth backdrop
  • Disabled access
  • Lift
  • Goods lift (160×200 x h210)
  • Grand piano
  • Car park with capacity for 350 cars + staff car park (possibility to extend parking area)

Exclusive catering service

Municipal space for civil weddings

Possibility of visit with a licensed guide during the event

Event opening hours
8.00 a.m. – midnight (with the possibility of an extension until 2.00 a.m., plus other agreements)

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