Basement Cellars

A symphony of enchantment

An ode to authenticity and prestigious charm: this is the underground realm of Palazzo Albergati, a space steeped in rustic style that has been preserved over time and lends itself magnificently to hosting events of all sizes with unrivalled allure.

The authentic and captivating cellars of Palazzo Albergati provide a secret retreat for extraordinary celebrations. Accommodating up to 500 people in a buffet formula, these underground spaces adapt perfectly to hosting seated lunches and dinners, buffets and various types of events. The special charm of the original and prestigious spaces creates a timeless atmosphere, in which history and culture are passionately intertwined.

This floor comprises a total of seven rooms: the Sala delle Botti/The Cask Room (113 m2), the Sala delle Uve/The Grape Room (216 m2), the Osteria (75 m2), the Loggia Ovest (127 m2), the Loggia Est (102 m2) and two Cellar Kitchens (107 m2 and 83 m2 respectively).

Its extensive capacity, precious, authentic, rustic furnishings, its vats and large casks that almost still exude the scent of great wine, make this floor perfect for events such as seated or buffet lunches or dinners, surrounded by the magic of the cellars, where guests can celebrate birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate lunches and dinners, and hold workshops and cooking classes.

The history of the walls whispers secrets of days gone by, while rustic elegance blends with contemporary style, creating an atmospheric setting for lovers of art and heritage.

The basement of Palazzo Albergati becomes the perfect stage for entertainment. From the vibrations of a DJ set to the enchantment of artistic performances, every inch of this space tells a story of passion and tradition. The lit fireplace spreads an enveloping warmth, candle flames dance with the light of laughter and the magic of the atmosphere seeps into every corner.

The ancient cellars of Palazzo Albergati are a secret kept beneath the majestic foundations, an authentic underground refuge where the fabric of the past sinuously blends with the embroidery of the present. A journey enveloped in the mysterious and alluring aura that permeates their walls, creating a magical combination steeped in significance.


Here, embraced by centuries of history inscribed in the walls, every step echoes the vicissitudes of those who have passed through them through the centuries. The atmosphere of these places manifests itself as a story: in this underground sanctuary, soft lights reveal details that speak of days gone by, while the scent that hangs in the air fills the senses. Every corner reveals a piece of history, as if the past and the present are dancing in harmony, creating a fresco of evocative emphasis.

Here, the legacy of previous generations blends with the vibrancy of the present, creating a symphony of enchantment that envelops guests in an unforgettable experience, where the past is not just a memory, but a living part of the present, imbuing the cellars of Palazzo Albergati with a unique essence.

RoomName of the RoomSquare Meters
1Basement Kitchen107
2Basement Kitchen83
3East Loggia102
4West Loggia127
6Grapes' Hall216
7Barrels' Hall113

Basement | Scale 1:200

Hypothetical | 282 Places

Table |  90X200cm – 6pax

N.47 Tables | Tot.282pax

Characteristics and general use of the Palazzo

Basic technical equipment:

  • Indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Heating
  • Fully-equipped kitchen
  • Refrigerators
  • Basic lighting and advanced resident lighting equipment for rent
  • Wi-fi
  • Electricity supply: 150kw (with additional availability of a generator)
  • Cloakroom
  • Area for roll-ups and banners of the customer’s sponsor brands, photo booth backdrop
  • Disabled access
  • Lift
  • Goods lift (160×200 x h210)
  • Grand piano
  • Car park with capacity for 350 cars + staff car park (possibility to extend parking area)

Exclusive catering service

Municipal space for civil weddings

Possibility of visit with a licensed guide during the event

Event opening hours
8.00 a.m. – midnight (with the possibility of an extension until 2.00 a.m., plus other agreements)

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