Location for corporate events in Bologna

Where heritage meets the future of your business

Palazzo Albergati is a location for corporate events in Bologna, a venue that can be a part of your company’s history, enriching every occasion with the aura of its glorious past.

Extraordinary experiences require equally extraordinary settings, and Palazzo Albergati stands out as the venue of excellence for unparalleled corporate events in Bologna.

The atmosphere that permeates our rooms, imbued with refinement and expertly manicured details, is bound to appeal to the sophisticated souls of those who appreciate authentic beauty. 

Choosing our location for events in Bologna means entering an atmosphere of class and authenticity, where the past merges with the present, in a journey through history, making every special occasion a memorable chapter of your story. 

On elegant evenings, the Palazzo is cloaked in an aura of exclusivity, attracting the attention of a public in search of distinctive details. The allure of authentic spaces, maintained with meticulous care over time, is evident in every corner, offering a sensory experience that enchants and amazes.

Palazzo Albergati is a place where history intertwines with the future of your business, creating a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Palazzo Albergati can accommodate large numbers, hosting over 1000 guests, ensuring an elegant setting for your events and an ideal stage for birthday parties, anniversaries and every special occasion celebrated by your company. This also extends to the venue’s culinary proposals, whether they consist of welcome cocktails, corporate drinks, seated dinners or buffet-style events.

Seated dinners are transformed into regal banquets, with elegantly laid tables and a culinary selection to delight even the most refined palates. At our buffets, every dish is an artistic masterpiece, a symphony of flavours that complements the ambience, creating a unique combination of excellent gastronomy and unique atmospheres.

Our location for corporate events in Bologna is designed to host meetings, conventions, Christmas parties, company anniversaries, presentations to the sales network, fashion shows, trade fairs, major shows (such as food and wine shows, motor shows, textiles, ceramics and watch shows, and so much more).

The notes of a DJ set and artistic entertainment mingle with the crackling of the lit fireplace, while the glow of candlelight lends a touch of magic to the atmosphere. Every detail, from the furnishings to the flowers, is carefully chosen, creating a visual spectacle that enchants guests and transports them into a world of luxury and sophistication.

Palazzo Albergati, with its dedication to detail, offers the perfect experience for those who seek excellence. Every evening, the Palazzo becomes a canvas on which to paint unforgettable memories, a symphony of elegance that celebrates a taste for refinement, with every event becoming a masterpiece that is truly unique.

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