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Palazzo Albergati
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Palazzo Albergati features the following:

Exhibition areas:
7.000 square metres

130.000 square metres

1.000 parking places

Conference halls:
1 hall that may host between
600 and 800 guests

Meeting rooms:
28 rooms that may host 
between 50 and 150 guests

Gala Reception Hall:
This hall may host up to 650 guests
Honour Hall measures:
This hall measures 37 m in height
and 16 m in length (which may be extended up to 22 m)  


Capacity is as follows:
Ground floor
300 guests
First floor
1.200 guests
Second floor
800 guests
Ancient cellar
400 guests

In-house catering service

Post-meeting organisation

Technical and audiovisual services

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