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Palazzo Albergati
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"Emozioni, memorie, vita nel Palazzo"

Foreword by Anna Maria Matteucci and texts by Egle Conti, Mauro Carboni, Gennaro Filippini, Silvia Medde, Gabriele Mignardi, English translation by Sylvia Notini.

Photos by: Marco Ravenna
Publishing house: Conti Presservices
"Le Magnifiche Stanze"
Landscape, architecture, decoration and life in the Albergati family “palace-villa” located in Zola.

Texts by: Gabriele Mignardi, Ezio Raimondi, Lucia Jodler, Pier Luigi Cervellati, Anna Maria Matteucci Armandi, Eugenio Riccòmini, Maria Pace Marzocchi, Gennaro Filippini

Photos by: Marco Ravenna
Publishing house: Edizioni Bolis
"Cieli dipinti"
The frescoes of Palazzo Albergati

In FMR N° 140 - June/July 2000

Text by: Eugenio Riccòmini
Photos by: Giovanni Ricci.
"Stanze paese"
Illusioning paintings of Bologna in the eighteenth century

From FMR N° 144 - February/March 2001

Texts by: Anna Ottani Cavina, reading of Ray Bradbury
Photos by: Giovanni Ricci.

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